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Welcome to my website!

I will start by introducing myself - my name is Sarah Anderson and I recently moved to the Bay area from Seattle with my husband and four children. have been seriously pursuing art for the last ten years. Please see the link on my homepage to follow my newsletter for recent happenings and special sales and info only for subscribers.

Here are some things about me:

1. I like to alternate between painting landscapes, floral still life, and conceptual pieces.

2. The first artist that imprinted on me was Van Gogh. When I was 12 I did my first master copy oil painting of Van Gogh's bedroom

3. I graduated in Art History and Curatorial Studies. I started a serious study of oil painting in 2008 after my husband finished grad school and we moved to the Seattle area. I decided I would look for the best artists I could find, attend their workshops and otherwise seek after mentorship. I haven't stopped and am so grateful for the generosity of so many amazing and talented artists who have shared their knowledge with me.

4. Work that still stops me in my tracks is by John Singer Sargent. I am also a fan of Glenn Dean's landscape work and Costa Vavaigakas' contemporary realist portraits. Steven Assael also does some crazy amazing portraiture and I'm interested in his textural process.

5. The most interesting art movement for me is the Pre-Raphaelites. I love how this group of artists banded together to create something well informed but different than what the rest of the world was doing. How I would love to have enough technical confidence to go out and paint all the different ideas swirling around in my head!

6. Given that I am obsessed with traveling and also painting, my dream come true was to go on a painting trip in France with a talented group of artist friends this past October 2018. Many more plans in the future for painting + travel + collaboration.

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