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Art and Creativity Retreat to Carmel

A big goal I’ve had in the last several years has been to organize a workshop retreat with my art partner, Julie Stonebraker Nelson. From the first workshop we took in Italy (2016) and several more trips thereafter we spent time gathering knowledge and experience in creating workshops for people who are looking for a creative outlet and an introduction to art. We combine discussions of foundational art principles and unlocking creativity within ourselves —with good food and a pretty killer location. A pretty comprehensive art retreat!

We were thrilled at how it turned out and everyone left feeling energized and equipped with a new mindset and skills.

The first retreat was such a success (and it was a test for us to see if we enjoyed doing it), we decided to go forward with planning more retreats in the future! Locations for our future retreats will be based on interest, either at our location in Carmel, CA or at one of our locations in Italy or France.

New Instagram Account: @ArtCreativityLab

We created this platform to give people an idea of art retreats we have taken in the past and garner interest in joining retreats we plan in the future.

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