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Goodbye 2020

WELL, HEY ART LOVER FRIENDS! I wanted to let you know that I'm still over here painting my heart out. I have heard many artists joke that the Coronavirus has been a dream for their productivity. It's actually ideal for an artist to be holed up in one's studio, isolated for hours. It's great! Unfortunately no one with kids and a husband (with loud conference calls, see exhibit A above) can relate to that and my plans for new collections and trips took a big back seat. However each year I still manage to create more art than the year before. And 2020 was miraculously no exception. Here are the highlights: In October I participated in a group online show, Limits of Your Longing, where I successfully sold a grouping of tonalist-inspired pieces from my 2019 trip to Massachusetts.

I want to mention two oversized botanical/floral pieces that I have listed for the first time on my website, check them out!


I had a quick trip to Utah last Fall and had the chance to paint around the Alpine and Sandy areas with fellow artist Melissa Thatcher Colton.


I am working on a series of California landscapes that will forever mark the passage of 2020 for me. The freedom of being out in fresh air was invigorating and also unsettling as contact with other people, even in these grand and unchanged landscape settings - felt different because we were all so different.

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