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Art Trip to Santa Fe and Holiday Boutique Prints

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Part of the joy for me in being an artist is doing what I love with others who share the same enthusiasm, passion and drive. The Creativity Lab art retreat that Julie Nelson and I started earlier this spring brought us joy as we taught beginners basic principles that they could use in art and in other creative aspects of their lives. More recently this fall, Julie and I gathered some of our best artist friends for more of a collaborative art lab of sorts. An art retreat for our fellow artists in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We look forward to the ideas that get shared and encouragement we receive from one another. These retreats are truly an important part of my art practice that help feed my soul and give me direction. I will share more pieces from this trip in January on my Instagram account.

Holiday Boutique Prints Available

I was asked to participate in a community fundraising boutique to raise money for teenaged girls in the National Charity League. For a booth of this sort it makes sense to have a mix of price points, so I spent some time creating more prints. Creating new prints is not something I do very often so this is a good, rare opportunity to snag a print for the holidays! They will be matted and ready to be placed into your favorite ready-made 16x20 frame. So for you local friends, come see me on December 7th (5-7pm at the SRV United Methodist Church in Danville) to have the first look at these limited edition prints as well as some of my recent small original works.

For those of you who are reading this and are not local, check out the prints section of my website where you can take a look at a few more prints and larger size options, only available online. I don't offer frames at this time but if you get a print feel free to reach out and I will share my resources and recommendations.

Don’t forget my best seller at the holidays, the nativity print, “All is Bright” is available as an 16x16 print-only, and as a small and large framed package product. See link below to purchase:

I hope everyone remembers to take time to enjoy yourselves and have an amazing holiday!!



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