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Jerusalem Trip and Collection Release Date!

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

This year has given me a ton of art inspiration. This past spring I was able to go back to Jerusalem and Egypt with my husband Jake and 40 other friends/spouses that were students with me on a study abroad program in Jerusalem 20 years ago. This was our reunion and it was an incredible experience.

I filled up my sketchbook with composition studies and gouache mini paintings to provide studio inspiration upon my return home. That was almost 5 months ago and now, drumroll...I have a whole series of work to release for purchase/commission. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter (home page of my website) to get first dibs on the series release in the next week or so. Scroll through the gallery for pictures from my trip!

In other news in October I will spend one week painting my way through the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Stay tuned for a lot of work from that, and follow along with my trip on Instagram.

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